Zoologist Rhinoceros Reviews Roundup

October 26, 2015

Zoologist Rhinoceros Reviews Roundup


Pierre De Nishapur
“Rhinoceros is so stylish, overt, dandy and artistic, or better to say fashionable. It's a modern vintage leathery woody floral fragrance, urban and informal. Yet not realistic and plain, it a complex minimal abstraction of what rum/leather should be.”

“The heart is a complex woody/leather/tobacco/oud accord that plays off opposites: rugged/refined, animalic/dignified and so peaceful powerful it will steal your soul.”

Fragrance Daily
“I am visiting a very old house in New Orleans on a very hot day, as a thunderstorm impends. There is petrichor in the air. Inside, the cypress floorboards creak as I open a cedar-lined armoire containing old linens layered with bundles of vetiver roots."

Fragrantica User Review
“This fragrance doesn't tip-toe. Neither does it hint or suggest. It's bold like the animal it was aptly named after, and heaven for those who love dry, animalic, smokey musk, leather, and tobacco, with a dash of booze. Incredibly well crafted, long lasting, distinct, and memorable, this fragrance delivers what it promises. Fall/Winter fragrance perhaps, but you'll probably catch me wearing it throughout the year whenever I just want to feel good and need my smokey leather fix!” 



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Now Smell This Perfume
Rhinoceros goes on as a musky/smoky leather scent (with a brief shot of rum and dense citrus). Next up are herbal notes (sage, immortelle and geranium) that are joined by resinous aromas —sweet "turpentine," fresh-cut pine. The perfume ends with the scents of leather, caramelized amber, oud and smoked nougat.

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