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Zoologist Rhinoceros Reviews Roundup

October 26, 2015

Zoologist Rhinoceros Reviews Roundup


Perfumes The Guide 2018
"★★★★ While the official list of notes led me to believe it was going to be something like the old Azzaro Pour Homme, a traditional aromatic fougère, Rhinoceros instead showcases how to update an old genre with a niche sensibility. The top note has the busy, early-morning, urban freshness of an outside train platform at dawn—a smell made of equal parts correction fluid and herbal tea, refreshing and eerie. The rest is like the inside of an emptied cigar box, a vegetal, slimmed-down rethink of the tobacco-leather masculine genre. For the gentleman who meditates."

Pierre De Nishapur
“Rhinoceros is so stylish, overt, dandy and artistic, or better to say fashionable. It's a modern vintage leathery woody floral fragrance, urban and informal. Yet not realistic and plain, it a complex minimal abstraction of what rum/leather should be.”

“The heart is a complex woody/leather/tobacco/oud accord that plays off opposites: rugged/refined, animalic/dignified and so peaceful powerful it will steal your soul.”

Fragrance Daily
“I am visiting a very old house in New Orleans on a very hot day, as a thunderstorm impends. There is petrichor in the air. Inside, the cypress floorboards creak as I open a cedar-lined armoire containing old linens layered with bundles of vetiver roots."

Fragrantica User Review
“This fragrance doesn't tip-toe. Neither does it hint or suggest. It's bold like the animal it was aptly named after, and heaven for those who love dry, animalic, smokey musk, leather, and tobacco, with a dash of booze. Incredibly well crafted, long lasting, distinct, and memorable, this fragrance delivers what it promises. Fall/Winter fragrance perhaps, but you'll probably catch me wearing it throughout the year whenever I just want to feel good and need my smokey leather fix!” 



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Now Smell This Perfume
Rhinoceros goes on as a musky/smoky leather scent (with a brief shot of rum and dense citrus). Next up are herbal notes (sage, immortelle and geranium) that are joined by resinous aromas —sweet "turpentine," fresh-cut pine. The perfume ends with the scents of leather, caramelized amber, oud and smoked nougat.

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