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Zoologist Beaver Reviews Roundup

October 20, 2015

Zoologist Beaver Reviews Roundup

Notable Reviews (Original Formula)

"Finally an animalic I can wear! Castoreum and linden blossom make for an odd, but delightful and approachable combination. This is the scent that convinced me to wear "skanky" perfumes -although it is relatively subdued, smelling of clean wet fur and fresh air. An absolute joy…"

This Blog Really Stinks (A Perfume Blog)
"Beaver is like a remade classic scent. A modern vintage. It has the lovely, earthy skank of an older perfume (that castoreum is really an accord and not a little dose of the real deal?!), with a modern and light hand shaping the notes around it."

Youtube Reviews (New Formula)


Youtube Reviews (Original Formula)

Fragrance Blog Reviews (Original Formula)

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Fragrance Blog Reviews (New Formula)

Created by Chris Bartlet, Zoologist’s Beaver is a fun and playful musk that is really well balanced. There is a lovely freshness, like a bracing breeze that blows in with the top notes and is dominated by Linden before it rustles through a dark wood and settles down into its den with all the warm furriness you would expect from a scent called Beaver.

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