Zoologist Macaque Fuji Apple Edition Sample

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Against the backdrop of a mountainous terrain, two communities share a peaceful coexistence. Yet despite their proximity, the societies are distinctly unique. Macaques cavort among the trees, grasping with delight at nature’s bountiful pleasures. From the quiet solemnity of a nearby temple, their human neighbours regard them, coveting the monkeys’ playful abandon. The macaques are all but oblivious, sparing only the briefest of curious glances at the pensive faces below before surrendering once again to their carefree revels.

Sweet notes of Fuji apple dance through a pine forest, welcoming you to Zoologist Macaque. Incense adds gravity with aromas of Hinoki woods and myrrh. The delicate balance between heavy and light results in an austere woody scent with mild hints of creamy sandalwood. Macaque is exuberance tempered by calm, sublimity buoyed by joy, a happy harmony of meditative bliss.

This perfume is a new interpretation by perfumer Mackenzie Reilly. The original version, designed by Sarah McCartney, is discontinued and no longer available.

Perfumer: Mackenzie Reilly
Parfum Concentration: 20%
Size: 1.5mL / 0.05 fl. oz.
Top Notes: Fuji Apple, Olibanum Oil, Juniper Berry
Heart Notes: Myrrh, Hinoki Wood, Hydro Carbon Resin
Base Notes: Oakmoss Absolute, New Caledonia Sandalwood, Olibanum Hyperabsolute

Zoologist Macaque Fuji Apple Edition does not use animal products.

Made in Canada. Product will be shipped from Canada.