Zoologist Chameleon & "Camouflage" Art Print by Seb Duke

Limited Edition of 25

This special edition includes both a bottle of Zoologist Chameleon (in full packaging) and an "Camouflage" art print autographed on the front (not shown in product photo).

Art print made to order, and takes 7 days to print. Bottle and art print will be shipped separately. Art print will be mailed rolled up in a tube.

Product Information

Zoologist Chameleon Perfume
Size: 60 mL / 2 fl. oz.

"Camouflage" Art Print
Dimension: 12 x 18 in (30.5 x 45.7cm)
Paper: Fine Art Photo Paper, 310 gsm
Autographs on print: Seb Duke (artist) and Victor Wong (Zoologist's founder)


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